Jaydene Sniffen

Manager, Pilates Advantage, LLC
Faculty, Balanced Body Pilates Certificate Program
Certified GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer

Jaydene is a seasoned movement optimization instructor and professional development teacher trainer. Fun and empowerment are the main principles by which she teaches. Her forte is in weaving multiple disciplines together into easy-to-understand customized sessions that target each client's interests and goals.

On the teacher training side, Jaydene helps rehab and fitness professionals sharpen their creative problem-solving skills and deepen their application of whole-body integrated corrective conditioning for a multitude of populations. Jaydene integrates functional anatomy and biomechanics; with creative equipment usage; as well as rich imagery, verbal, and tactile cueing methods. She enjoys customizing training workshops for each audience's specific interests.


Patricia A.

Patricia Aurely, from Brasil, grew up dancing ballet, horseback riding, and participating in sports with her family. Patricia moved to Hawaii fifteen years ago when she fell in love with the islands. She is a committed and passionate Pilates teacher. Motivated by the amazing feeling that Pilates gives her, Patricia hopes to share that feeling with her students. When not teaching, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, biking and being outdoors.


Audrey H.

Audrey grew up in beautiful Hawaii and loves anything outside. She loves to hike, free dive and go camping with her friends and family. She is also an artist and loves to paint and sculpt in clay. She also loves drawing and painting the human form and finds that Pilates fits in perfectly with her inquisitive and creative nature. She loves the fun and challenging aspect of finding and creating exercises that will help clients transform their bodies in a fun and efficient way.