BEYOND A STRONG FOUNDATION in exercises & techniques, here you really develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills from postural assessment to special populations. In addition to the Balanced Body certificate curriculum, workshops and continuing education are offered.

BE PART OF A DYNAMIC COMMUNITY with which to hone skills - ongoing group classes for training program candidates, study group gatherings, and unique workshops synthesizing multiple disciplines into logical, creatively applied sequencing for varied client populations.

Program Details

Balanced Body® offers a full range of Pilates instructor training programs. Whether you are interested in teaching Mat classes, Reformer classes or Pilates personal training sessions on the Reformer, Trap Table, Chair and Barrels, we have the resources you need to succeed.

The Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers. Our curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise. Our faculty members have a wide variety of Pilates backgrounds from classical to contemporary to fitness and bring their exceptional depth of experience to the training. Our manuals are considered to be some of the best in the industry and for more in depth study, an optional DVD is available for each Mat, Reformer and Apparatus module.

Our program is designed in modules so you can take your first course now and continue your training next week, next month or next year. Each module is self contained so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow. In addition to our instructor certification program, we offer a number of additional modules as well as workshops.

Balanced Body Certification Curriculum in Hawaii


How do You define success? Where do you want to grow?

The Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program is taught by Jaydene Sniffen at PILATES ADVANTAGE, LLC in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jaydene's goal as an educator is to assist each participant with critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to address the application of pilates in whatever realm they find the most meaningful - whether in a rehab or fitness facility, one-on-one or in a group setting.

Balanced Body Instructor Bridge Program

Have you taken training from a different organization?

Balanced Body receives requests from instructors requesting a ‘bridge’ program that would allow an instructor with an existing non-Balanced Body Pilates certificate (or significant relevant experience) to receive a Balanced Body certificate without having to complete the full complement of Balanced Body classes.

Recognizing that each student’s experience is unique, we have designed our bridge program to accommodate a wide variety of students and situations. Each student that applies and is accepted into our bridge program will be evaluated and offered a course of study.

Not all students who apply will be accepted into the bridge program.

Balanced Body offers options to bridge our Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive training certificate.